Larry Massey Funeral Directors have been arranging funerals in a sensitive and professional manner in the Dublin area since 1972. Our head office is located in Terenure and we also have offices in Ballyfermot and Grange Road, Rathranham. We are committed to providing people with the highest standards of service and care and to helping them with every step of the way when they need us.

HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?           

When a loved one passes away nothing can prepare us for the emotional turmoil which follows. At Larry Massey Ltd we pride ourselves in helping and supporting bereaved families through the arrangement process. Our compassionate and professional Funeral Directors are there to tailor your needs and wishes into more than a funeral service, but a tribute which befits your loved one.

At Larry Massey's we are one of the few Funeral Directors that now offer you an alternative to the traditional evening removal. We can arrange with you to hold a prayer service or a gathering in one of our Funeral Homes and instead of having to work around times that are given to you, we can work with you to arrange a time that suits everybody.
This service is exclusive to Larry Massey's and is also 


therefore eliminating the expense of the traditional removal.  

We can tailor the funeral based on Religious background or beliefs, budget, ethnic background or your personal wishes.


At Larry Masseys we offer a number of choices regarding a place of rest for your loved one. If you decide to repose the deceased at home, we will supply you with all you need to make the chosen room as fitting and as comfortable as possible. 
If the deceased is remaining in the Hospital/Nursing Home, we will take care of all necessary requirements and arrangements, taking the pressure and worry off other family members.

Each of our three fully furnished Funeral Homes can accommodate a large number of people at any given time. They can also be arranged to offer a more private setting, if you so wish. 

Each of our Funeral Homes are supervisedand our professional staff will be there to take care of your every need. Sometimes funerals have to be delayed, for example, if we are waiting for other family members to arrive home from overseas.

At Larry Masseys we can arrange to repose your loved one for the duration at our well equipped funeral homes.
Your choice of Place of Rest for your loved one is a very important and personal one, one where cost should not be a burden or worry.

Please Note, At Larry Masseys,
We feel it is a privilege to have you in our home, and likewise, it is a privilege to enter yours. Therefore for your peace of mind, 
we do not charge for this service. *

Our services include:

  • Convenient Location and Parking
  • Church and Chapel Services
  • Floral Tributes
  • 24 Hour Personal and Professional Service
  • Burial or Cremation Service
  • Family Owned and Operated

We also offer a repatriation service whereas if your loved one passed away abroad, we can arrange to have them brought home and placed to rest. Likewise, if your loved one’s wishes were to be placed to rest in a different country (ie. their country of birth) we can arrange for that also.


At Larry Massey Ltd we offer a free consultation and advice on all pre-planned funerals
Allowing you to pre-arrange your funeral in advance is one of the many services offered by Larry Massey Ltd. It allows you to select for yourself exactly what services and funeral tributes you feel is appropriate for you. This offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes will be carried out in addition to relieving your family from the responsibility of making the decisions at the time of your death. 
As a family owned funeral Directors, we strive to offer exceptional services, combining true traditional service with a modern and personal touch. Our professional and caring staff adheres to the highest standards of ethical practices and is committed to ensuring all of your needs are comfortably cared for.

Please call us for any more information on the above.

*This service includes the use of any of our funeral homes and the laying out of the deceased in private homes/hospitals/nursing homes.

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